Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Our Rites of Passage are a significant chapter in our lives that encompass how we journey throughout this lifetime. It is an important opportunity to honour our path and be supported through this next threshold.

This deeply nourishing, nurturing ceremony allows us to deeply honour you as you journey through the shifts and changes that occur throughout our lifetimes.

Whether that's a Menarche initiation ceremony, Maiden, Mother, Maga or Crone ceremony or a Pregnancy Loss ceremony or Birth Healing Closing.

Over the course of 3 hours we will journey in deep meditation together, sit in ritual and ceremony, then reclaim all parts of you in a divine feminine closing ceremony and healing.

Ready for you to step into your power!

Ritual is a way to heal the parts of yourself that have been supressed and intangible.  

It’s a way to honour & release the parts of you that are no longer in your highest alignment, whilst being deeply supported by facilitators who walk with you in this Rite of Passage.

How to Book?

Once you’ve felt the call to journey through a Rites of Passage Ceremony, head to the link below to email me to arrange a suitable time to book.

These sessions are facilitated by myself and one other facilitator depending on the ceremony.

Once you have booked in your ceremony, we then get into the details..

What Happens Next?

After you’ve booked in your ceremony, we then anchor in your intentions and discuss what rituals you would like to include.

There is no limit as to what rituals, practices and activations we do. These are all individualised and suited to your individual Rite of Passage.

You may feel called to undertake your ceremony in a special place in nature, in your home or you are welcome to use my home too. You may also opt for this ceremony to be individual or as a group.

*Side note: Often times once you’ve booked in your ceremony the energy works with you in the lead up

What to bring?

I love to encourage you to bring some items that you feel called to use and anchor in the energy of this ceremony.

It is also wonderful for you to bring a journal and anything else that you feel will support you through your journey.

This is something we discuss when we’re planning your rituals.

Meet your Facilitator:

For me cultivating a relationship with the facilitator is really important. As it creates familiarity, safety and honesty.

When you have done that, you will be amazed at how much deeper you can journey and open yourself to a new layer of healing when you have that prior connection to your facilitator.

For me holding Rites of Passage Ceremonies are not something that I take lightly. I hold them in deep reverence and sacredness. Don’t get me wrong, we certainly can incorporate fun into your session, but as a sacred space holder, my role is to support you through your ROP, so you get the most out of it.

Throughout the years I have undertaken numerous trainings and honouring of my own spiritual growth to support my ceremonies and become an embodied space holder.

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