My Mission

About me

Hi, I’m Kirstie, I'm a Mama, Midwife, Sacred Space Holder and Womb Healer.

My specialty & passion is holding space & supporting women to find themselves whilst in the midst of motherhood.

Supporting Mothers to transition into motherhood with intention, through a variety of supports and programs to allow a woman to feel safe & confident as she unravels and explores who she is, since entering into her Matrescence portal.

The way I support you will look different to each and every women and where you’re at in your journey.

So whether you’re on a conception journey, are having a difficult transition into motherhood, experienced birthing trauma or feeling lost within yourself, I can support you through it.

Drawing upon my 12+ years experience as a Midwife, NLP practitioner, Intuitive Healer and personal experience as a mother myself, I provide holistic, evidence based care that supports you and your growing family.

You see, motherhood didn’t come as easily as i’d first hoped for. I was thrown into the depths of motherhood early on and found my sense of self had disappeared in a sea of nappies and 1 hourly wake ups for months…

I had put such a high expectation upon myself that I would ‘succeed’ at motherhood, that I had no where else to go, but down. So I cracked. I ended up in the depths of postnatal depression and anxiety, with no family support around to give me the extra support I needed and still needed to show up for my little boy.

To say my journey into motherhood was hard, is an understatement. But in hindsight, i’ve learnt a lot along the way, awoken to my innate self and acknowledged the critical importance of asking and receiving help and support.

Hence, why I’ve been called to walk with women, to hold their hand as they enter into this journey and be that nurturing and supporting mentor that everyone needs.

If you’re feeling the call to journey together, feel free to reach out to organise your FREE 15 minute alignment call below.

Big love Kirstie xx

Why Choose Me?  

As a health professional and a mother, i’ve seen all aspects and intricacies of motherhood.

I have a unique knowing of where you’re at and if something isn’t quite right. I have the capacity to hold you emotionally, spiritually and physically when you feel that there is no one else that truely understands what you’re journeying through.


Registered Midwife/Nurse

NLP Practitioner

Certified Mama Rising Facilitator

Spirit Baby Channel

Womb Healer

Final Thoughts

So, If you’re looking for someone that looks at all aspects of you and your family, is open to holistic and modern ways of receiving care and willing to take the opportunity to expand and flourish. Then let’s join together and make your journey into parenthood the most liberating and flourishing experience ever!

Contact me

If you’d love to know more then feel free to email me, so we can arrange a time to book in your FREE 15 minute alignment call.

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