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A Path to Nurturing, Connecting & Evolving as Mothers

Hello gorgeous soul, I bet you’ve been feeling a rollercoaster of emotions since seeing those first positive pregnancy tests. It’s an exciting, nerve-racking and blissful time.

As we journey into pregnancy, there are so many unknowns. Unknown’s around how you’ll be feeling throughout your pregnancy, any complications, birthing options and the adjustment to your growing body. It can all seem a lot.

Well this is where hiring a doula to walk beside you on your journey can be so beneficial.

As your Doula, we can begin to support you as early as your first trimester, to really honour you and your little babe growing in your womb space right through to your postpartum months. There’s no right or wrong time for me to come in to support you.

*Often many of my doula clients have journeyed with me in my Womb Alchemy sessions prior to falling pregnant. Many of the babes that are coming through now are asking a lot of their mothers, not only on a physical level, but on an energetic level too. So if you’re desiring to receive some healing, womb hara massage and in depth support prior to conceiving then I welcome you to join me for a session. Simply head to my womb healing link to book.

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