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What an exciting time!

I bet you’ve been feeling a rollercoaster of emotions since seeing those first positive pregnancy tests. It’s an exciting, nerve-racking and blissful time. As we journey into pregnancy, there are so many unknowns. Unknown’s around how you’ll be feeling throughout your pregnancy, complications, birthing options and the adjustment to your growing body. It can all seem a lot.

Especially if you’re experiencing morning sickness!

I’ve been there, I feel you mama. It took me until 20 weeks, with both of my pregnancies to start to feel well within my self and start to enjoy my pregnancies. Hence, why I’m here to support fellow expectant mama’s to take the pressure off and support you and your growing body.

As your pregnancy Doula, I come to support you in those early months, when you’re still trying to function, work and meet the demands of life duties. All whilst not telling anyone about your little bundle that is growing in your womb space.

I’ll run errands, cook, clean, fold your laundry, discuss with you about the changes that your body is experiencing. What ever you need to allow your body to surrender and rest, as it’s hard work growing another human. I even offer massage and energy healing as a way to rejuvenate and support you throughout those early trimesters.

The key = take time to rest, while I take care of you.

This support is perfect for:

  • Mama’s who are pregnant with their subsequent babies and need some more rest and nurturing, while I care for your older children and undertake those household jobs, that seem too much in that first trimester.

  • Mama’s who are experiencing Hyperemesis Gravidarum and physically experience difficulties with daily tasks.

  • Mama’s who have minimal to no family support.

I offer this support service all the way up until you birth, so there’s no right or wrong time for me to come in to support you.

So, if you’re planning on falling pregnant, have just found out or are in the depths of those ‘all day sickness’ feelings. Then why not consider booking an obligation free alignment call to see if i’m a good fit for you as your Pregnancy Doula and answer any questions that you may have.

If I can pass on any insight to another expectant mama, it’s that you don’t have to do it all on your own. As you journey into your motherhood experience, allow offers of support and assistance. There’s a reason why we call upon our village to support women during pregnancy and beyond.

Simply follow the link below for my price-list and link to book in your free enquiry call.

Pregnancy Doula Support

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