Womb Healing

Womb Healing

In Person (adelaide) & Online

Are you feeling:

Disconnected to your feminine self?

Feeling heavy, lethargic and have low energy

Menstrual cycle imbalances/pain etc

Difficulty in expressing your sensual/feminine side, due to feeling shame and guilt

Holding onto birthing or childhood trauma (this can be conscious or unconscious)

Wanting to welcome a baby into your womb, but feeling as though there's something stopping your conception.

Wanting to connect with your baby in your womb before they arrive earth side.

Well a Womb healing may just be what you’re after.

Journeying together for 2 hours to connect & activate your womb space, support those Red Thread maternal lineage lines that you maybe suppressed and access your divine feminine self again.

This is personalised to you and I intuitively support you through this process with an indepth questionnaire, oracle cards, meditations, oils, drumming and light codes.

Available In-person (Adelaide based) or Online.

1:1 Transformational Womb Healing for fertility & pregnancy

Are you struggling with your conception journey? Are you starting to doubt yourself?

Are you feeling lost and just wish that your body would work and create the baby you so long for?

Womb healing work is some of the most powerful work I do with my clients. Many experience a hugely healing transformation, allowing them to step forward, releasing trauma , reclaiming lost energy and restoring their true feminine life-force.

1:1 Womb Healing for postpartum & beyond

Often we as women hold the energetic ties of our grandmothers and mothers from their experiences, along with our own birthing experiences, which can often lead to menstrual cycle imbalances, unprocessed trauma and disconnection to your feminine self.

It runs deep within us and can contribute to a myriad of dis-ease, difficulties with re-conceiving and disconnection to self within our bodies.

What is Womb Healing?

Your Womb is so much more than an organ, that bleeds each month or nurtures a baby to grow. Your womb is a space of creation, sensuality and divine feminine essence.

We often loose connection to ourselves, to our powerful self, due to the history of trauma’s and beliefs that have been engrained within our cells from our ancestors and from our life experiences. Which creates blocks on a physical and metaphysical level.

We inherit blocks and traumas from our mothers; her emotions, experiences and pain are passed onto us if they are left unresolved. This can show up as low self-worth, feeling unwanted, unsupported, anxiety, fear, lack and much more. Unless her experiences are resolved, we continue to experience them, which unknowingly influences us in life, until we step in and decide to heal.

Furthermore, the traumatic experiences which we experience add another layer of negative emotions which weighs us down more heavily than before. When we are blocked by trauma, it is comparable to being shut inside a container with no way out. Womb healing is like discovering a door which opens you up to the potential of your true essence.

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