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Mothering the Mother

Your Postnatal Care is just as important as your


Postnatal support is something that I feel truly passionate about. I feel that mothers today aren’t being supported on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Sure, your family pops over for a cuddle of your gorgeous baby, may bring a meal. But how do they deeply support, honour & nurture you?

Becoming a mother is your right of passage and we need to honour that it takes time to adjust, heal and unravel the person that’s been re-birthed also.

This is where my support comes in. I take the pressure off you, listen to your needs, experiences and allow you to rest, heal and bond with your baby.

After all, your body has just done something truly incredible and we need to respect it’s healing and evolvement.

Whether that’s debriefing about your birthing experiences, meal prepping for you, so you have nourishing snacks on hand, supporting your feeding journey, settling baby, while you also rest, or be that familiar face each week, that gives you a little reprieve from the expectations of what motherhood ‘should’ be looking like.

Whilst also taking the opportunity to honour all that your body has undertaken over the course of your pregnancy and birth, with including a 2 hour Womb Hara Full Body Massage and Healing. Including a closing of your birth portal ritual to deeply honour your personal rite of passage.  

I’m here to serve you. Where ever you’re at.

I will meet you there.

There is an option for everyone.

I have 3 packages available, to suit everyone’s needs, budget and support.

1: Mama Reset

2: Mama Nurture

3: Mothering the Mother Deluxe

*Flexible payment plans available if needed.

Would you love to have someone that can:

  • Visit you in the comfort of your home while you navigate your motherhood transition?

  • Allow you the time and space to ask all those new mama questions?

  • Have the physical, emotional and practical guidance, to allow you to feel comforted and reassured by a professional motherhood specialist?

  • Receive practical support, information and guidance with your newborn. Eg: Settling, establishing feeding, bathing, developmental changes, infant cues, playtime + more?

  • Offer you a deep honouring practice of a 2 hour Womb Hara Massage & Healing. Where we honour your birthing journey and close your birthing portal with a divine feminine closing ritual.

  • Support you and your partner with navigating the new dynamics of parenthood?

  • Take care of you and your home surroundings, giving you the time to focus on resting and bonding with your baby?

  • Teach you how to incorporate healthy mind, body & soul habits, so you don't feel depleted or overwhelmed?

  • Support you in increasing your confidence, self-esteem and exploration into the new you?

1: Mama Reset

Would you love to receive support with feeding, settling or simply need someone to sit, listen and attend to your needs for you and your baby?

My Mama Reset service is a once off appointment to allow you to feel refreshed, centred and supported.

Your once off visit includes:

  • 1 x 3 hour home visit

  • It can include: providing feeding support if challenges have arisen.

  • Settling support - Learning how to tune into your baby's cues.

  • Birth debriefing.

  • Supporting you by allowing you to rest, while I care for baby.

  • OR a 2 hour Womb Hara Massage/Healing & Closing of the birthing portal ritual.

Practical support can include: general jobs, washing, cooking, cleaning to reduce that overwhelm we can feel as new mamas.

What ever you feel you need - We can tailor your support.

Investment: $333

2: Mama Nurture

I'm sure you've heard that it takes a village to raise a child? It's true, but it also takes a village to support & nurture a mother too.

After birth you need to prioritise rest, connection & healing to ensure your body is prepared for the endurance of motherhood. You were never meant to do it alone!

This is my middle package, that will set you up and get you started.

This package includes:

  • 1x Pregnancy planning session - to get you clear on your birthing journey & how you’d like to be supported in your postpartum.

  • 3x 2 hour nurturing & nourishing in home postnatal visits

  • 2 hour Womb Hara Massage & Healing & Closing of the birthing portal ritual.

  • Resources and messenger support for the duration of our time together.

Investment: $699

3: Mothering the Mother

This deluxe postnatal support package is what I envision every mama receiving.

Setting yourself up to truly embody your motherhood journey, is something your future self will thank you for. To support you with the physical, mental & emotional demands of mothering, from a Midwife, Doula & Motherhood Mentor who has your best interests at heart.

This intimate package will gift you the chance to learn how to truly embody motherhood, boost your confidence and feel nurtured & supported as you deserve.

This package includes:

  • 1x 60 minute Pregnancy consult - where we vision your birth and postpartum journey. Contact throughout your pregnancy, to support, guide and answer any questions & worries you may have.

  • 6x 2 hour nurturing & nourishing in home postnatal visits - (supporting you in the way that honours you). It can look like practical home support, emotional support and healing support. This is tailored to exactly what you’re experiencing and can be decided upon on the day.

  • Appropriate resources, guidance & information to support you in your fourth trimester to minimise your stress and parenting of a newborn from an evidence based holistic perspective.

  • A 2 hour Womb Hara Massage/Healing & Closing of the birthing portal ritual.

  • Resources and messenger support through the duration of our time together.

Investment: $1260

What’s Next?

Simply send me an email with any questions to or book a call below to discuss your needs and see which support offering will best suit your needs.

Note: I have flexible payment plans available too if you need.

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