The Journey of a Mother

The Journey of a Mother

A 12 month journey to support you through the intricate undulations of motherhood, while creating your village of support.

Mama, I am so glad you’re here.

This intimate 12 month Mothers Circle is unique, as it is not only about being supported in that first year of motherhood, it is about learning, exploring & evolving into the woman you are since becoming a mother. 

This journey will be incredibly supportive.

As we know continuity is one of best ways to feel supported in any transition in life, so why should your first year of motherhood be any different? 

If you're looking for a deeply nurturing space that honours where you're at, this is it!

To be surrounded by a group of fellow mama's for 12 whole months, who are in the depths of motherhood with you. That hold no judgement for your authenticity and rawness. Who will hold your hand on the darkest of days, and celebrate the wins, is absolutely priceless!

In a society that has lost it's village of support, this space will allow your village to be built and will be the foundation of your mothering journey. I certainly wish that I had a space like this when I had my babies! 

Open to all mama’s who’ve had a baby within the last 4 months.

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